Modern By Nature

Precision crafted furniture built from the world’s most
sustainable material.

Effective February 1st, 2016 our name will be ModernGrain. The name ModernGrain symbolizes our respect for wood, our desire to provide our customers with modern solutions in woodworking and our families’ long history in the design and manufacture of high quality wood furniture. During the next 3 months we will transition completely to ModernGrain from Dovetail by Jonas Geiger.



Team-Up: A unique top shape helps improve worker concentration, collaboration and health by providing more flexibility than conventional sit-to-stand.

Trestle Office

Master cabinetmaker John Geiger combines new with old to create a classic balance of form and function.

Trestle Benching

Vintage form with a modern sophistication. The light architecture of the desk combines with detailed craftsmanship.

Custom Reception

Over the years, we have made a lot of reception desks and no two are alike. Create the type of welcome that suits your desires. We have the experience to deliver to you what some people say is ”the most important piece of furniture in any company.”


Elm has a design philosophy that one-size usually doesn’t fit – so tell us what you would like and together we can get the best results.

Custom Conference

Standard and custom tops using a wide range of base options and woods to choose from. Our shop has been making tables like that for 29 years.

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The Evolving

It use to be that the important got chairs and the rest of us stood, but now a standing desk is what the serious want. “Team-Up” has rethought sight lines in the office and created a better working environment. Furniture designed for the dynamic work environments of today — and tomorrow.

The Natural

Our lecterns have become a mainstay of the distinguished universities and corporations we have as customers. It provides a speaker of any height a comfortable way to deliver their message.

Modern Furniture
Rooted In Heritage


The Geiger family has been in woodworking since 1962, when John Geiger founded Geiger International and grew it into the benchmark for woodworking quality for the North American office furniture market. Geiger International was subsequently sold to Herman Miller in 1999. Jonas Geiger, John’s son, and the Geiger Family LLC purchased Dovetail Woodworking in 2010. The company and its experienced management team will remain based in Holden, MA. For all 29 years in existence, its New England customer base has respected the company for its high quality, and willingness to remain flexible and responsive. And still today, ModernGrain has been winning accolades from the design community.

Modern Grain combines the Geiger family’s love of woodworking along with a desire to foster a new and fresh approach to using wood in a more sustainable way. Wood remains the most sustainable material for making furniture and we continually strive to deliver the best combination of craftsmanship along with an open-mindedness that allows for fresh solutions.

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ModernGrain has a long-standing legacy of building world-class furniture for academic markets. Our clients include some of the most prestigious universities including Harvard, MIT, Columbia, Emory, Babson and most recently the University of Michigan.

Bob Dylan + IBM WATSON

We’re honored that Bob Dylan and IBM chose to use a custom bench installed by us for their iconic ad. Thank You.

View the IBM commercial on IBM’s YouTube page.

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Starting on February 1, Dovetail Furniture by Jonas Geiger will become ModernGrain. Our launch will be soft until our new website will be ready in mid-April. During this time we will be open for business and we hope you will like where we are heading.

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