Dovetail by Jonas Geiger Becomes ModernGrain

The name MODERNGRAIN symbolizes our respect for wood, our desire to provide our customers with modern solutions in woodworking and our families’ long history in the design and manufacture of high quality wood furniture.  Our previous name of Dovetail by Jonas Geiger was confusing and beyond that we also wanted to recognize a new approach to today’s needs and our unique culture.

MODERNGRAIN combines the Geiger family’s love of woodworking along with a desire to foster a new and fresh approach to using wood in a more sustainable way. Wood remains the most sustainable material for making furniture and we continually strive to deliver the best combination of craftsmanship along with an open-mindedness that allows for fresh solutions.

MODERNGRAIN has developed an extensive platform of products that can be modified to meet the demands of a changing workplace and workforce. Our range of products includes desks, teaming solutions and thoughtful sit-to-stand product ranges. MODERNGRAIN also produces conference tables, lecterns and reception desks, which are designed for today’s more approachable workplaces that can customize to client needs.

We believe our new name helps define our mission as a wood company and addresses the sustainable needs in today’s very challenging work environments.