Our Philosophy

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Our mission is to create world-class, innovative furniture designed with an unyielding commitment to our customers, our environment and our people.

ModernGrain is about . . . people and the world we live in. We hold ourselves accountable to three guiding principles:


We deliver what we promise. And, in doing so, we strive to exceed all customer expectations on every single piece of furniture we build.


We think of our customers as an extension of our team. We work together with customers to understand their unique needs and find the best furniture solutions.


We make products that last, and we take every step possible to ensure our manufacturing process maintains a minimal environmental footprint.

Built to be agile, responsive and able to embrace customization, ModernGrain is uniquely capable of scaling up or down as need demands. Yet, regardless of scale, the focus remains on delivering wood furniture of the highest caliber to discerning customers. Our long term partnerships with aligned highly specialized manufacturers allow ModernGrain the capacity to deliver large scale projects with a fraction of the manufacturing, provide value added components to the customer with reduced cost and implement the latest trends in manufacturing and process improvement.

At ModernGrain we are:

  • Refined – Every product ModernGrain delivers, whether standard product or custom millwork, adheres to the same precise standards for fit and finish. An eye for detail and design, incredible wood selection, tight joinery and quality hardware, are all the hallmarks of ModernGrain furniture. The result is exceptional furniture that endures.
  • Focused – Devoted to key customers and willing to demonstrate a wide range of capabilities, ModernGrain is highly focused on developing long-term relationships. Built to be artisanal in nature, but modernized to be able to scale up seamlessly, ModernGrain is a nimble and progressive manufacturing solution.
  • Responsive – Fast design turnaround and short lead times are the hallmarks of ModernGrain. We work closely with leading Architecture and Design firms to rapidly turn their visions into production ready products. A flexible construction methodology allows us to customize every job for a client’s needs without sacrificing manufacturing speed, efficiency, or quality. If you want more than generic office furniture, ModernGrain is the answer.

XB8Y9600ModernGrain is committed to environmental, health and safety excellence throughout the entire lifecycle of the design, manufacture and use of our furniture. We understand that environmental excellence is not only responsible management, but makes good business sense. Therefore, compliance to all local, state and federal environmental, health and safety standards is our bare minimum managerial standard, and we strive to improve operational efficiency, reduce toxics and waste.

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